Rocky Mountain Prestress has earned an industry-wide reputation as the preferred partner for exceptional service and quality precast and prestressed concrete structures. Discover why our company and our products have become a top choice for developers, engineers, architects and contractors across the region.

Why Rocky Mountain Prestress?
  • Collaboration at each step: From preconstruction through design and delivery, our experienced team assists in the development and execution of quality projects. We work collectively to develop well-coordinated, highly functional and affordable solutions without compromising the design vision.
  • Full-scale capabilities: With two manufacturing plants and more than 50 years of proven experience, we can execute and deliver superior products under closely monitored manufacturing processes and factory controlled environments for projects of any size.
  • Quality control: Our in-house quality-control group conducts regular inspections during each phase of the manufacturing process. Certified by the Precast/Prestress Concrete Institute (PCI), we adhere to a high standard of quality with a stringent QC program to ensure excellence in design, engineering, production and erection.
  • BIM expertise: Our engineers can skillfully use the latest BIM technology to model a precast system. This 3D visualization is a valuable collaboration tool for the design group and the construction services team.
  • Team culture: Your project benefits from our culture of teamwork, support, education and strong relationships. We work together outside department walls to deliver superior precast products and services through collaboration, creative thinking, and effective problem solving.
  • A commitment to sustainability. We are committed to producing environmentally sensitive precast products, and we work closely with project designers to meet their sustainability goals.
  • An industry leader. In our effort for continuous improvement, we have established a research and development group. We recognize the importance of staying current with new trends and strive to consistently offer creative and innovative products. We are currently developing new architectural finishes, which will soon be available to the market.

The LEED Project Checklist: Precast Concrete Potential Points document includes a list of potential LEED points attainable through the use of precast concrete.