Starz Encore

Owner John Malone with Liberty Media
Architect Barber Architecture
Engineer SA Miro, Inc.
Contractor The Weitz Company
Square Footage 278,200

Originally designed as a steel structure with granite cladding, the new Liberty Media and Starz Encore buildings began construction on the same site, at the same time. During early construction, the quarry confirmed that it was unable to meet the quantity required to clad both buildings. To solve the shortage, the project architect contacted RMP with the request to replicate granite in precast for the 6-story Starz Encore building.

In one week, RMP successfully simulated “granite” samples and secured the cladding work for the Starz Encore building. Despite the difference in materials used, both buildings looked the same when completed. In addition to creating a seamless appearance between both buildings, the 308,000 SF Starz Encore building was completed 4 months earlier than the 80,000 SF, 2-story Liberty building, despite starting construction 4 months later. This was a result of combining a precast structure with a load bearing precast skin, and engaging one trade for the entire core and shell.