Owners and Developers


Owners and developers have discovered many benefits of buildings that are constructed with precast/prestressed products.

Advantages include:
  • Increased durability: Precast concrete strengths are typically 30% – 40% stronger than structural cast-in-place concrete. Higher strength concrete is less permeable, which results in better long-term durability.
  • Low maintenance: Increased durability means lower maintenance costs. Precast concrete can last more than 100 years. It does not rust or degrade, does not require painting, and it usually has fewer joints relative to other cladding systems.
  • More design flexibility: Prestressed structural framing systems can achieve longer spans under heavier loading than a steel structure. This results in column-free spaces and open floor plans.
  • Competitive pricing: Total precast systems are frequently selected over cast-in-place (C.I.P.) and steel systems in the Denver office market for its competitive price, scheduling advantages and minimal site impact.
  • Faster delivery: Precast concrete arrives at the site ready for installation and does not require protection from the rain, sun, snow, wind or extreme temperatures. Precast concrete is one of the fastest building systems taking as much as 40% less time than steel construction. This allows owners to generate revenue sooner.