Architects are fast realizing the advantages of using precast/prestressed concrete products rather than other options.

Benefits include:
  • Enhanced flexibility: Prestressed structural framing systems can achieve longer spans under heavier loading than a steel structure. This results in column-free spaces and open floor plans.
  • Better fee management: Simplified detailing can result in higher profit margins for designers.
  • Unique architectural finishes: Precast concrete has excellent aesthetic versatility, with endless colors, shapes and textures. Multiple finishes can be combined in one panel, reducing detailing efforts, joints, flashing and maintenance costs. It also minimizes risks associated with facades created by multiple materials and trades.
  • Construction details: Architects can use Rocky Mountain Prestress as a design and detailing resource. We have developed many standard details, which we offer to the design community in an effort to make detailing precast systems a seamless process.
  • Constructability review: Rocky Mountain Prestress knows that complex construction details often result in costly field implementation. With years of experience in precast construction, we will advise project teams on best practices and solutions that simplify construction and capture the most cost savings without compromising the overall design intent.